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18 June 2012 @ 03:20 am
Arashi's Waku Waku School 06.17 Sunday Night  
My hand was definitely cramping by the end of these three school sessions.

For the last session, I had a decent seat, but I was missing my comfy one from earlier. There were a lot of photographers taking pictures of the stage beforehand, then I noticed the extra cameras which were mostly there for the news shows that will be showing clips in the morning. (I'll probably still be awake when Zip comes on).

Once again, ten minutes before the start, the message to yell out "happy birthday" to Nino showed. It wasn't exactly a surprise anymore, but I guess it was the thought that counts? Then I started thinking, maybe they changed something and would shock Nino with that.

The opening video started and then guys came out from backstage. They started jogging to the center, but Sho got distracted waving to people and had to hurry to catch up.

Sho went up to the camera and said, "Let's have fun!"

Jun followed behind. "Let's study together!"

We stood up for the greetings and Sho commented how rare it is to see that many people all standing up at the same time. He did the same pose from earlier, welcoming us.

Ohno: "So everybody, did you notice it?"

Sho: "This was our challenge to you." Jun held his folder up in front of Sho's face as he said it. ^_^

Nino: "There are some of you that will find yourself wanting to work on the way home."

The VTR was of the large screen next to the goods that happened to be showing an ad for part-time jobs. Within the video, Ohno was dressed as a popcorn seller. A few lucky fans outside noticed he was in it and cheered when he came on.

Jun: "Amazing. They spotted you."

Ohno: "So if you want to work, come to Tokyo Dome!"

The first lesson was Nino's. "First I want to show you a video. Please watch." It was of Nino in a room with six students and a broken flower pot. He was trying to figure out which one of them was the one that had broken it. As he slowly walked across the room, you could tell that something was up and as soon as the camera started to pan back in the other direction, you started to see all the things that had changed it that short time. There were some obvious things like people and the flower pot that got swapped out, but when Nino asked us how many we'd seen, you could tell there were more.

Sho: "There's not just one."

Nino: "Ohno. Did you catch some?"

Ohno: "I noticed. Quite a lot of them."

Nino: "Aiba?"

Aiba: "Me?"

Nino: "Yes, you. Our eyes clearly met."

Aiba: "Can I say? Some of the papers."

Nino: "And who is the criminal?"

Aiba: "... Um, Sho knows."

Nino turned to Sakurai. "Well?"

Sho: "The calendar change to June, so it must be the sixth person. The man in red." The crowd burst out laughing at his theory."

We got to watch the video one more time and they showed it from the zoomed out p.o.v. There were a TON of changes.

Jun: "Of course, we couldn't notice all of those."

Sho: "So it didn't even matter who the criminal was."

Nino: "But that was the point. You were focused on finding the criminal and you began to fail to notice what was happening around that. Next, I have a glass jar. Ohno, come here."

Ohno started snickering.

"What are you laughing for? This is serious. You have 10 seconds to open it and take out the marble inside. Ready go!"

Nino quickly moved away from the podium where he'd left Ohno struggling with the jar. Ohno tugged at it as hard as he could, but the 10 seconds were up and smoke shot out of the podium at his face. He held his arms up, looking like he was trying to protect the jar from the smoke, but it was just coincidence that he ended up like that. Sho thought it looked cool. "You couldn't get it open, but the pose was cool!"

Ohno: "Eh? Why?" Nino took the jar from him. "I'm telling you it's impossible to open."

Nino: "I'M the teacher here." Nino started to fumble with the jar to get it open.

Aiba: "Ah~ it opens like that."

Nino stopped what he was doing and said, "Whatever you are thinking, no, that's not it." Then he went back to the jar.

Sho: "Does it open if you do it backwards?"

Nino: "Yes." He got the jar open and held it up. "Ohno was closing it the whole time."

The red door had made its appearance again. He demonstrated how it opened. "When you think, 'Ah! It's a trick!', that's the fun part. We'll work on making your minds more flexible. I want you to help me with something... Let's run."

Sho: "I don't want to. You just like making other people run."

Jun: "Why don't you join us then?" The audience clapped loudly at that suggestion.

Nino looked annoyed. "I will.... Later."

The running order was Jun, Sho, Aiba, and Ohno. As usual, Ohno didn't know where he was supposed to be going until Nino shoved him in the right direction.

Jun: "What are we supposed to be doing?"

Nino: "Just running. Just a normal relay." Ohno saluted to him. "When I say 'start', you can go".

The gun sound went off instead, but Jun didn't move an inch. Nino yelled 'start' and off they went. But Nino also left the stage to go sit on the edge of the pool closest to the goal line. Right as the baton got to Ohno, Nino started fiddling with something in his hand. It was a remote control that was supposed to control the "goal", allowing it to move away from the runner, just like I'd suspected it could do since the first night. But unfortunately for Nino, there was some kind of malfunction and after the goal moved a few centimeters away, it stopped, allowing Ohno to cross the line easily. Leader stared at the goal suspiciously, wondering if it was just a trick of his mind, but Nino stabbed the button some more and the goal jerked forward a bit toward him. Ohno jumped back in surprise, confused as hell. All the members came to see what the goal really was.

Aiba: "Teacher, it moved way too slow."

Nino: "That's why I came close to use the remote." He stabbed at the buttons some more and the goal jumped back and forth a little in either direction, making the startled Aiba and Ohno dart out of the way. It was too bad it didn't work like it should have, but it was also very funny to see the Tennen pair being so skittish.

Aiba: "Let's go back to the stage."

Still messing with the remote, Nino muttered, "The goal wouldn't move..."

Ohno: "Then if it had worked, I'd have been made to run the whole way?"

Sho: "You finally noticed that now?"

Jun: "So you aren't going to run, are you?"

Nino: "No." We all 'Eeh?!'ed. He gave the excuse, "If I did, then all the teachers would have to participate in the lessons they're supposed to be teaching."

Sho: "It's okay. You'll have to run in my lesson."

The last comment about keeping your mind flexible to open more doors of possibilities changed from "door" to "lid", thanks to the jar they used today.

Aiba was also second tonight. "Are you hungry?"

Sho: "I am."

Nino: "It's good timing."

Aiba: "Okay, then close your eyes and count to ten." The camera showed each of the members faces and although Ohno's were closed, Jun's were WIDE open. Aiba yelled, "I said CLOSE them!"

He got his uniform on and asked them what they thought it was.

Sho: "But... it has 'sushi' written right there."

Aiba: "That's right! We're going to talk about sushi. Let's go the the counter."

They'd barely sat down and Sho had already grabbed a piece of ginger to eat. Aiba asked for their orders.

Sho: "Ginger." *coughs/chokes*

Jun: "Kohada."

Nino: "Maguro."

Aiba: "Okay, let's do maguro (tuna). First, let's study about them a little." They showed the VTRs from the other days, but a new quiz came up.

What fish is the same type as maguro? A. Saba B. Aji C. Tai D. Iwashi

Ohno: "I think I have a guess."

Sho: "Can we get a hint?"

Aiba seemed reluctant so Nino tried a different approach. "Like, how does it swim?" Aiba's impression was pretty awesome and terribly unhelpful.

Ohno: "Now I don't now anymore."

Sho: "Are maguro always maguro? Like the size of the fish would change the name?"

Aiba: "Size doesn't matter."

Everyone but Nino guessed 'A' and he guessed 'B'. When asked why, Nino had chosen 'visually' the one that resembled maguro the most.

Jun: "I don't know. The other just seem too far off from it."

Sho: "I think I know. It was sort of an accident, but I heard something about this in the dressing room."

Aiba did his usual 'oh crap' expression at making such a mistake. The answer was indeed 'A'. "Did you hear it?"

Sho: "I tried very hard not to and then pretended like I hadn't heard it. By the way, you've gotten better at making the sushi."

He tried to show us an example of how you should make nigiri sushi, but when the crowd saw the amount of wasabi he put on it, they all 'Eeh?!'ed at him. "I guess that was too much wasabi?"

Jun: "What?"

Aiba: "Nothing. Everything's fine."

The members asked him a few questions that he didn't know the answer to, so he resorted to his "check it on the web" excuse. I think Aiba ended up eating the one he put too much wasabi on.

The next topic was shrimp. He explained the best way to cook them; boiling them three times/ways.

The quiz question was what part of shrimp and crab is used in making pasta sauce?

A: The brains B. Liver C. Fat D. The organs

Jun: "But for shrimp and crab, the places for each of those is different, isn't it?"

Nino: "I think I saw the answer in a newspaper."

Aiba: "In a newspaper?"

Sho guessed 'D', Jun 'A', Ohno 'B', and Nino 'C'. None of them were sure about this one.

Aiba: "Are you okay? Is the answer here?"

Sho: "Yes. It's here. We all chose a different answer."

It was 'B'. But this was the first time for Aiba to make sushi with the shrimp.

Ohno: "You learned how to, right?"

Aiba: "No. But I can guess easily." He grabbed for a spice to put with the shrimp, but when Ohno saw how much Aiba added, he had to say, "I don't think you need that much."

Aiba: "It'll be okay." His fingers had gotten messy from all the rice, so he stuck them in his mouth and licked them off.

Sho: "That's terrible! I'll never come to this shop again!"

Nino: "What an awful owner!"

Aiba: "I'll wash them off! It just gets sticky."

He washed his hand, finished the sushi, and put it on Ohno's plate. Leader ate it, said it was good, then his face screwed up and he pinched his nose, mumbling that it was spicy and snickering.

Jun: "Why are you laughing?"

Ohno could only continue to pinch his nose and hold back his laughs. It was also very amusing to me to see him like that.

For the last time, they showed the anago VTR and ate the clams. Sho stared at the camera as he ate his, calling out, "It's delicious~!"

The third lesson was Sho's 'Goku Goku' lesson. It had the same opening as the others, but tonight the person in the shower would be Aiba.

Sho: "Show us how you shower. It'll be a shower exhibition." The other members split up to go to the pools and Sho realized, "Actually, there's no reason to start from the stage, you can begin from over there."

Aiba was looking at the mannequin with his face and bright green briefs. "I'm always wearing briefs like these."

As they started, Nino and Jun left their buckets on the stage and went back to get more water while Ohno climbed all the way to the top to pour his water in.

Aiba: "First, I brush my teeth. Then I shampoo."

The second to care his buckets up was Nino. The alarm went off as he got there. Jun was about to go back for two more, but the alarm went off again, so he took some of his up.

Aiba: "Then I wash my upper right."

Sho: "But that's your left..."

He quickly switched sides. Aiba: "I soap up everything and rinse it off at once."

Nino went to "help" Ohno with his buckets.

Aiba: "The last thing to soap up is the face."

Ohno had made it back to his pool by that point. However, Aiba quickly rinsed off all the soap then and announced, "Finished!"

Ohno: "Eh?"

Ohno and Nino both just got to the stage with their buckets when it was already over.

Aiba: "This rain coat is hot!" He started taking it off.

Sho: "Okay, let's count how many buckets he used." It was only 12. "That seems like it wasn't much. Jun's was 18 and Ohno's was 13."

Jun: "Why was it so fast?"

Aiba: "Cuz I do everything at once? Eh? I thought it was pretty speedy."

Jun: "And you didn't stop the water either while you were lathering up."

Ohno: "Maybe you didn't wash it properly?"

Aiba went up to sniff at the mannequin. "But it smells good."

They actually had Aiba's picture for the results. I wonder what happened with Ohno's then?

Up fourth was Jun's lesson. The kid he picked today was a boy in green. He was waving very energetically.

Jun: "Is it okay to ask your name?"

I: "Yes."

We all laughed at that.

Jun: "So what's your name?"

I: "Itsuki."

He was 11 while his sister next to him, Suzune, was 9. Both of them had actually asked about their births because of a school project on that topic. The same about their names, they'd heard the stories. We had to chuckle at Suzune's, "Yes, I did. But I don't know," which confused Jun. The mother explained where their names came from to us and Jun asked them how they felt hearing about it. Suzune tilted her head, paused, then answered "happy".

After the VTR, Sho asked Jun how long he'd been there.

Jun: "I was there for about 6 hours."

Aiba: "But it was 12 total? For the mother, it must feel a lot longer."

Nino: "We were born the same way."

Jun: "Today, we're going to hear about this person's origins."

Nino smiled at the camera, realizing where this was going. He was ready for us this time as we shouted "Happy Birthday" and sang to him. They brought out a cake and Nino directed us as we sang.

Jun: "Try it."

Nino: "This..." His expression was of extreme suspicion. He looked closer at it and immediately backed away from tasting it. Aiba grabbed a fork and said he'd feed Nino, but Nino tried to stop him, wrestling briefly over the utensil.

Aiba: "It's okay! I'll do it!"

Nino: "No, it's fine. Then YOU eat it!"

Aiba at last forced a bite into Nino's mouth, but Nino wasn't the slightest bit happy about it. ^_^ The camera zoomed in on the cake and we could tell there was definitely something wrong with the "strawberries". There were real ones mixed in, but most of the cake was covered in umeboshi (pickled plums).

Jun revealed the truth. "We heard about this from Nino's Mom. About this umeboshi cake."

Sho: "I saw this written in the script for this idea. Oh, Nino sees the cake, thinks nothing of it, tastes it and realizes it's sour. But THIS?!" He pointed at the umeboshi that were obviously not strawberries. "This is too much."

Jun showed us how they'd taken the top leaf part off of strawberries and set them on top of the umeboshi to make it look like "real" ones.

Swallowing part of the bite and spitting out the other part, Nino turned his attention to us. "Thank you. I've turned 29. But in particular... nothing's changed. I'm having fun everyday. So until I'm 30, 40, 50, I want my heart to keep beating ("doki doki" - his lesson from last year)."

Jun: "So as to why we chose to do the umeboshi cake, it's because we researched about you."

The first two questions were the same. When the crowd heard how much Nino had weighed, they "Eeh?!"ed loudly, surprising him.

Jun: "I was also about 3200 grams."

Aiba: "Your Moms sure did their best."

In baby pictures, Nino had thought he looked more like a water balloon than anything.

They talked about his name again and how his parents had hoped he would bring "peace" to others.

Nino: "See?"

Jun: "But you could have been called Ninomiya Hiroshi."

Nino: "That was a close call! It just feels off somehow."

Ohno: "It's like an old person's name."

Aiba: "Or a station name."

Sho: "How about you try introducing yourself that way?"

Nino: "'I'm Hiroshi.' Nope, having three syllables is just weird."

The next question was "Do you remember making memories together with your son?". She answered, "Yes. When he was 2, I'd had to start back working and we were always together. We tried to take our children on trips in the summer too. When he was young, I held him a lot and we exchanged "skin ship" regularly. We could show our love by holding each other."

Nino: "I really liked being at home. Even trips... I didn't particularly want to go."

Sho: "But they did take you places?"

Nino: "Like... the beach and stuff."

Sho: "By the way, the kanji your Mom used in the answer, it was very Nino-ish."

Jun pulled out a letter.

Nino: "Wait..."

Jun: "Actually, your Mom worked with us and wrote two letters for today. The contents for this one are different from this morning's letter. She said, 'Kazu, when you were in 8th grade in junior high, you entered Johnnys. There were times early in your elementary school years when you got bullied and you didn't like going to school. You were unsure of yourself and after school, you'd play alone with your ball. But when you got bullied, you didn't just take it. You made friends and it always made me proud that you took off your hat when greeting others. They called you a "madam killer". Your father and I, and your grandparents, we're always watching you. We're happy you enjoy your work. Please continue doing your concerts and always remember I'll be your number one fan."

Sho: "Do you remember about some of that?"

Nino: "I do. School was far away. That's why I didn't want to go. It was too much trouble. As for the bullying, I could have sworn it happened later in elementary school, not earlier like she said... I wonder if I was just always being bullied?"

We laughed at how unsure he sounded. Aiba couldn't help bringing up "madam killer" again.

Jun: "How was it? Getting these letters?"

Nino: "It makes me happy."

Ohno: "It's not like we can get handwritten letters very often."

Nino: "I was surprised to hear that my grandparents have been watching what I do. I don't get to hear about some of those things from them."

Jun's lesson finished with his explanation. I'm sure they will talk about the other member's origins at the other venues, so I hope we'll get to hear about those too. I'm more than pleased with hearing Ohno's and Nino's. =^_^=

Ohno introduced his "smiling" lesson. "Nino... Today's your birthday... So smile." Nino blinked at him. "Since it's your birthday, you should smile. Happy birthday." Nino couldn't help grinning at that. "Yup, that face just now. That's the one. Okay, I want all of us to laugh together now."

They did their goofy laughs and when the camera zoomed in on two kids in the crowd who were being very cute, but embarrassed, we all laughed louder with them.

After Ohno's VTR, he did his faces, switching back and forth. "Which one was better?" They said they couldn't tell, so they wanted him to do it again, so he did.

Then it was time for the "Smiling Championship".

Nino: "Why don't we get anything if we win?"

Ohno: "It's more about the competition."

Jun: "Who's the 'Smile Master'? Is he somebody amazing?

Ohno smirked. "You'll all think, 'Oh, I see~".

First was Jun vs Sho.

Nino: "What should 3 and 4 do?"

Ohno: "You're on standby."

Sho's was scary! He put a lot of effort into laughing at the same time. Jun was the winner.

Jun: "Just how is this thing judging us?"

Ohno: "Maybe it's the angle? Only the bird knows."

Next was Nino vs Aiba.

Nino: "I want to win, but I want to make it look good."

In the end, his was also pretty scary. Aiba was the winner for this round.

Nino: "How is this bird choosing?"

Ohno: "Maybe it's because of the voices?" Nino had also laughed loudly. He and Sho began reenacting their laughs, leading to more hilarity.

Jun: "Then for the next one, let's laugh out loud."

For Jun vs Aiba, they were both pretty scary. Jun won!

Nino: "Do your best."

They called for the Master to come out and Ohno stepped down, switching to his serious face.

Ohno: "I watched your turns and you were too naive."

Jun: "Have you done this before?"

Ohno: "Many times. I've won so much that it makes me want to cry."

They took their positions in front of the camera and Ohno stuck out his chest.

Sho: "Why are you modeling?"

Nino: "You guys should move closer to the camera."

Ohno: "There sure are a lot of conditions for this. But sure, I'll do anything."

Jun: "Do you have any advice?"

Ohno: "It's all about the expression. Put your feeling into it."

As the countdown began, Ohno's hand lifted up into cat paws and he posed. Naturally, the winner was Jun.

Ohno: "I've never seen myself with a face like that before... Okay, it's time for me to launch my beam, so make sure you laugh."

Sho: "The people in the crowd all must be thinking, 'Again?'"

Jun: "But last year, their hands rose up. Will they go up this year?"

Ohno: "Maybe. Let's test it out."

When they did it, the members all laughed and raised their arms up, so we followed their example.

Ohno: "See? They'll go up!" He turned back to the guys. "We'll start with a 'wha ha ha'."

All: "Huh?" Ohno had to laugh at himself for that.

His lifted his arms up. "And your hands will go up, like this."

Nino: "You keep adding more things."

Thus began the "Gera Gera Kousen". Everybody raised their hands up while laughing, like a strange wave through the dome. Ohno finished off the beam by shouting, "Gera Gera Fight!" All the members did a double take.

Jun: "What was that? The "Gera Gera Fight" at the end."

Sho: "What if they use that for tomorrow's news?"

Ohno bowed towards the cameras. "Please don't."

They skipped the "failure" corner again and Ohno sang us his song. All of the members were laughing at the fact that they could tell Ohno was changing the lyrics around again. When he got to the forced "nare!", Jun was clutching his stomach. With the last powerful "Nare~!", Nino and Aiba dropped their heads to their desks laughing.

Sho: "That also might be on the news tomorrow. Half way through you really got into it."

Nino: "You do realize that tomorrow on the news, it will probably be featuring only you."

Ohno bowed to the cameras again. "Please use it well." He turned around and had to fight to keep from laughing at himself.

Jun: "Your song just keeps getting more flamboyant."

Calming down a little, they all stood up to give their final thoughts before "Furusato".

Aiba: "It was great that we could all study together."

Jun: "And also have a chance to be students like this."

Ohno: "It was great having this many people come for our lessons."

Nino: "This was the first time that I've ever gotten two handwritten letters (from my Mom). It was a good chance to notice more things around us."

Jun: "And it's Father's Day too. Don't forget to tell him when you get home."

During "Furusato", they had problems once again with the lyrics for us to sing along. On the carts, Jun told us to ask about our origins, Aiba reminded us to say thanks to our fathers, and Ohno ordered us to laugh. Sho said, "Waku Waku School will be waiting for you to apply again." They thanked us for coming and Aiba didn't have a problem getting the door to shut tonight.

I got home and started working on the reports, but somewhere around 3 AM, I felt my concentration reaching its limit and crashed. I saw the news this morning and had to laugh at the scenes that they used. I'm sort of surprised they didn't include Nino's birthday, but I guess it's nicer for the fans this way. It was something special for us.

Until next time!

miha_bara: kawaiimiha_bara on June 17th, 2012 07:12 pm (UTC)
Neen you brat as ever. the only thing that change is that you're one year older today. (or is it already yesterday?) XD
But his trick kinda failed today? hehehehe
thank you for sharing. will eagerly waiting for your update tomorrow. :D
Catyarukizero on June 18th, 2012 12:54 am (UTC)
I think his tricks sort of always ended up failing because the other members are just clever in different ways.

メラニーmellastella on June 17th, 2012 09:18 pm (UTC)
YAY, last session! Get some sleep. :)
Catyarukizero on June 18th, 2012 12:54 am (UTC)
Thanks. I'm going back to bed shortly.
なんでもない - mellastella on June 18th, 2012 01:57 am (UTC) (Expand)
gambitsfoxgambitsfox on June 18th, 2012 12:21 am (UTC)
Bless your heart! Thanks for letting us know how the classes went and I just LOVE what they are doing! : )
Catyarukizero on June 18th, 2012 12:55 am (UTC)
I kind of hope this becomes a tradition. We'll just have to see.
Liannelianne29 on June 18th, 2012 01:15 am (UTC)
I saw the news today too and they did end up featuring Ohno

Thank you for the report
shojunnijishojunniji on June 18th, 2012 01:28 am (UTC)
thank you so much!
I couldn't go to the second day so I really appreciate your amazing report...
thanks again :)
Sah-chansesquerdo on June 18th, 2012 02:32 am (UTC)
Again, thanks for your detailed report! OMG! Nino changed his class all the three times, he really worked hard to this event! But each lesson had some differences from the previous ones!
And I couldn’t believe they gave a Nino a cake he doesn’t like this time! XD Well, they has to try to surprise him in some way… At least, the second letter must have surprised him! ^.^
And Riida is always so cute and random, changing the lyrics all the time, even the members couldn’t help laughing! XD
I hope you can take a good rest now because it must have been tiring for you, although it was fun too! Thanks again for everything and take care! ^.^

Catyarukizero on June 18th, 2012 05:41 am (UTC)
I think they will probably change things a little bit every time. It's hard to be surprised at something if you've seen it five times already.

I loved the cake. They have to take every chance to prank Nino that they can get.

After my nap, I feel much better. ^_^
kirara5621kirara5621 on June 18th, 2012 02:38 am (UTC)
thanks very much. it's so nice to be able to read about these events in so much detail since i couldn't be there. and i wouldn't know what was being said even if i was there. :)
drigbydrigby on June 18th, 2012 02:58 am (UTC)
Aside from it being a fundraising project, as well as a way for Arashi to create a better Japan by educating people, I think Waku Waku Gakkou is a good way for more fans to experience the Arashi one sees in variety shows live as not many gets the chance to be in the audience.

Thank you for being so generous with sharing your experience. It is so lovely that we got to learn about the boys too.
Catyarukizero on June 18th, 2012 05:42 am (UTC)
Exactly. This is the same and them playing around as if they were on a TV show. Except that by the end, you really feel like you learned something.

No problem. <3
animecookanimecook on June 18th, 2012 05:03 am (UTC)
thank you for all three reports!
you sure are lucky being able to attend all of them.
your writing makes it easier to imagine what happened and laugh along.
rim1789rim1789 on June 18th, 2012 05:07 am (UTC)
Thank you for the report! Another letter from Nino's mother xD <3 I was actually wondering if everything would be the same. Glad it's another one. So fantastic! I enjoyed it a lot :DDD

Thank you so much for this. That was really really great. That SMILE MASTER part was awesome xD I just saw the footage xDD
Catyarukizero on June 18th, 2012 05:43 am (UTC)
I bet he thought that after the morning event, he'd be off the hook, but they couldn't let it go that easily. ^_^

I want to go watch it again. <3
ohsyojdubohsyojdub on June 18th, 2012 05:26 am (UTC)
I want to hear Oh-chan's song! :D
Thanks again for this. ;)
ruilian_thatsme: Arashiruilian_thatsme on June 18th, 2012 06:20 am (UTC)
Otsukare sama! thanks for sharing all these wonderful memories with us. By the way, You have an amazing way of recounting the events! sugoi desu! ^^
Catyarukizero on June 18th, 2012 06:27 am (UTC)
I just make notes as they talk, using extreme short hand. My handwriting is awful because I'm not looking down, but I can recall things better with them. >_
なんでもない - ruilian_thatsme on June 18th, 2012 07:06 am (UTC) (Expand)
なんでもない - yarukizero on June 18th, 2012 07:19 am (UTC) (Expand)
Tori-chanmars_anch on June 18th, 2012 06:34 am (UTC)
thank you for sharing this wonderful report

thank you so much for your kind

clara_mariaclara_maria on June 18th, 2012 07:15 am (UTC)
Nino's Mum sure writes nice letters ♥
poor boy, getting bullied - but standing strong

Ohno!!! ♥

once again! Thank you!!
tippyrose: sakutoshitippyrose on June 18th, 2012 07:22 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for makeing me feel happy like I were there with you. Reading this is super fun!