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Arashi LOVE 12/14 Saturday Night Concert Report

DVD filming tonight!

My seat was in about the same spot as Thursday night. We practiced the Funky dance a few times and we could hear the loud call from everyone in the back five minutes before it all started.

They showed the opening video (see my other post for details that I left out that were the same as previous concerts). Arashi appeared at the top, singing "Ai wo Utaou".

N: Tokyo, let's love each other!

Their open elevators rocketed them down to main stage for "Breathless", followed by "Wild at Heart". At the start of "Love Rainbow", Jun and Aiba yelled to us.

J: Hey Tokyo!

A: We are Arashi! (In English again) Have fun!

Finding a camera nearby, Jun and Ohno pointed at it together. The moving stage with Aiba, Sho, and Nino went by. Nino gave us a huge wave side to side, using both hands.

J: Hey! Hey Tokyo! We wanted to meet you! Are you ready for fun?! Are you ready?! Are you ready to be happy? We'll love all 60,000 of you! Have fun!

N: Welcome! Welcome! Arashi's here! Can you really have fun with us?! Can you really?! Yoroshiku!

A: Are you getting pumped up?! More! Yeah! Yeah! We'll love you all!

S: How you feelin' Tokyo!! (He got each section to yell for him.) We're ready! How about you?! (Yeah!) That's not enough! More! Ii desu ne~! Let's love each other until the end.

Then he kissed his fingers, saluting to the crowd.

Ohno and Jun had their moment in "Confusion", back to back and Ohno pointing his mic at Jun. The dancing for this one is so much fun to watch. Never a boring moment.

After "Endless Game", the video for "Intergalactic" played with the spaceship rocketing through space. This is another great dance number that will keep your eyes glued on them, trying to not miss a beat.

"Step and Go" is a chance for us to let go and enjoy. The members spread out to different areas and waved when they could.

I love dancing along with the members for "Eyes with Delight". Jun was cute when he gave us an "L" sign with his hand.

Sho's solo was pretty much the same as Thursday night. I could focus on watching more of his dancing this time.

Then there was Ohno's solo which stunned the crowd, or at least everyone in my general area was staring with their mouths open. That man is really just too pretty to watch when he dances like he means it. Makes me proud he's my ichiban.

Water drops fell across the arena. We got to watch Ohno's choreography one more time for "Sayonara no Ato de". The moves are slow and simple, but it's another one I want to repeat when the DVD comes out. BTW, the time for Ohno's costume change is really short!

The babies video is never going to fail to make us laugh. (Check my other post for a full translation.) I noticed that when Aiba said he wanted to be a bearded president, a small mustache appeared on his face. Then when each of the mention repeated after him, mustaches popped up for a moment on their faces too!

"Rock Tonight" is such an entertaining song! At some of the cuter baby pictures, I heard people saying, "Kawaii~" around me. They did the same gestures in their pairs, Jun hugging Nino, Sho shaking his fingers at Aiba, and Sho bouncing his hips back and forth. (Except that that must have been to tempting for Aiba, cuz he slapped Sho's butt. They better have caught that on camera!) Then Jun petted Ohno's head and held him close. Nino was jumping around behind them.

Nino comically fell into the hole in the stage and Sho screamed "Ninomi", doing a poor job of keeping a straight face.

The pose for the picture without Nino was really cute today! Ohno quickly pulled on a white Santa's beard, Jun a red Santa's hat, and I couldn't tell who wore which, but Sho and Aiba had on reindeer antlers and a Christmas tree hat!!

Nino's solo went without a hitch and everyone cheered at seeing the red roses in the video.

"One Love" had its lit balloons of "LOVE" and hearts. Lots of sparkles flew out at Arashi's gestures on the screens.

The moving stages rose up high for "Hatenai Sora". The video playing on the screen was scenes of nature.

They transferred over to smaller carts for "Kimi no Tame ni".
Sho, Aiba and Nino were waving at us a lot. Sho's rap was good too.

Eventually Jun and Ohno came by our section in "Kotoba Yori", but it was "Energy Song" that made us exhausted yet happy right before the MC. We were glad to have a chance to sit down.


S: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah~ay! (We laughed at his new version)Thank you everyone! We're Arashi! We are at Tokyo Dome for four days. Are you having fun? (We responded loudly) Are you excited? (We cheered again) I feel like you guys just keep it coming and coming tonight. Aiba-san, how was the first half for you?

A: Zekkoucho cho desho!

S: And Ninomiya-san?

N: Chouzetsu zekkoucho cho desho.

S: Matsumoto-san?

J: Chouzetsu zekkoucho cho cho cho desho!

S: Ohno-san?

O: Chouzetsu zekkoucho no cho no zekkocho cho!

S: What is that supposed to mean?

O: It's the highest it could be.

S: Could you say that one more time?

O: I've got to say it again?... Cho chouzetsu zekkoucho no-

N: Wait. There were a lot of “cho”s there.

J: Sounded like a rapper.

S: It just goes to show how much fun it is.

N: We really are having a good time.

S: It'll be a while until the second half, so please sit down. Aiba-san, how is it today? Aren't you kind of nervous?

A: Well, yeah. But I've just got to do what we usually do.

S: Didn't you practice a lot before the show?

N: This is his third time.

A: For me, this is my third concert of the day.

S: Can you explain?

A: First, there was rehearsal, second, I did it all in my head, and now here. If I couldn't do it after all of that, there's nothing else I could have done.

J: Except that the tour is already half over, so that's pretty hopeless anyway.

A: But this has been the best one today.

S: Doesn't it feel like the audience is really in the groove tonight?

N: Yeah, don't you think so?

O: They just keep going and going.

S: Don't you all think so too? That you're all responding louder than usual?

J: After all, they're filming today. (We cheered and Jun suddenly realized...) Is that the reason?! You guys are pros.

S: They're at the same tension as Aiba gets when filming starts.

A: Did you know? About the filming?

More than half raised their hands. If we hadn't already guessed it from the many cameras, they also said so in the opening announcements before the start of the concert.

O: So they did.

N: That's why if felt different from usual.

O: Plus there's that thing flying like a bird over there. (The “thing” that he was vaguely referring to was the camera set on a line that glided back and forth while recording. They've been using that set-up since the NEWS concert I went to.)

S: You mean, the camera?

O: Yeah, that.

S: When we go into the second half, you can put on some make-up if you like.

Sho talked about how Jun was the producer for the baby video from before and Nino was the script writer. So that was a script? Aiba's line... The “Don't you think it's getting harder to pass the time like this?” Was that Ninomiya's idea?

N: Yes, it was.

S: That was a great line.

Nino joked that Aiba didn't stick to the script the whole time though.

N: I liked Ohno-san's character. “Ore wa ne~”

O: That was Nino's idea. I was supposed to be a “good looking guy”.

S: A “good looking guy”? What is that supposed to be like?

Ohno repeated the line in a deep voice, because that is apparently his idea of an ikemen.

O: I think I pulled it off well.

S: So that part at the end. The “Don't look!”

N: Yeah, it was that Leader who was supposed to be an ikemen had to get his diaper changed. That's why it ended up like that.

S: And everyone really like the part about everyone's future dreams. At 24 HR TV this year, we each brought old school papers about it. Matsumoto and Nino's were-

J&N: Baseball player.

S: Mine was a musician. And Ohno-kun?

O: I didn't say it then.

J: Leader's was a baker, right?

Ohno went back to his deep voice. “Ore wa ne~ panya kana.” (For me, a baker.)

S: And Aiba-san?

A: A president.

S: A bearded president. But when you said it, they liked that.

N: They did.

J: What?

Aiba didn't bother with the deep voice. “Ore wa ne~, shachou naru”. (I'll become a president!)

N: That got a good response.

A: They're so nice.

S: And for the choreography, this time Ohno-san did his solo and-

O: The one right after it. “Sayonara no Ato de”. Just two songs.

S: Don't you think you could have done more?

O: I was really busy around that time.

S: Busy?

O: I was.

A: Ah, with filming?

S: I see. You were filming for a drama in summer.

After that, they went through the explanations of what to do for the Funky dance. When they told us the penlights would lit up at the same rhythm, Sho gave us a cheesy thumbs up.

J: Be careful to use the strap so that it doesn't go flying.

S: You'd be so surprised if it fell in front of you. (I think he made a sound effect of something falling, which caused all of us to laugh, but it was a gradual build up. Jun was about to continue talking seriously, but got confused at all the laughter. When he looked to Sho, Sho purposefully looked away.)

Jun talked about the timing for the waves, which led to Ohno and Jun demonstrating, which led to Ohno hurting himself again.

N: It looks like your trying to fish something.

Then all five of them lined up and did it twice. Once at a normal pace and once really fast. Sho crumpled over with Ohno.

O: See?! It hurts!

Sho just nodded at him with a grimace. We practiced, but when the light hit the crowd at the starting point, they screamed in excitement.

S: I know the middle must be hard because you can't tell when the second floor should start, but don't worry. Just go for it.

J: And there's one part of the arena that's a problem. It's separated from the rest, so I'll randomly point to you when it's time.

Sho did an awesome demonstration of how the last row doing the wave would have to quickly change from being happy to dancing seriously.

J: What's with that face? So it's only okay to have fun during the wave?

We burst out laughing how Sho switched from a happy smile to a blank look the second he started the chorus part. He indulged us by doing it twice too.

Jun and Ohno did the wave one last time, and Ohno promptly clutched his stomach in pain from pulling some muscle.

Sho gave his usual warning about not glaring at people that weren't dancing or were dancing TOO well. The talk changed to promotions. First was about “Hidamari no Kanojo”

S: I know it's a love story, but do you think it would be a problem if two guys went to see it together?

J: Of course.

A: After you saw it, does that mean you'd fall in love with the guy?

J: What? Why?

Next was about Jun's new drama. They mentioned the original book and Sho if it followed the story closely.

J: Yeah, it does.... Well... To a point... Anyway, we're filming it.

What it came down to was that the drama would probably have an original conclusion. Jun said that he was practicing how to make chocolate and that it would be a point to watch in the show. He went to get ready for his solo, so the topic changed to Ohno's special.

O: Kagi no Kakatta Heya is being turned into a special. It'll be on the 3rd from 9 to 10:30, so an hour and a half.

Nino and Sho kept saying it was amazing how much Ohno was going to be on TV during that long stretch that they have all their TV specials in a row for New Years.

N: It's like last year's “MatsuJun SP”.

S: How about the story? Can you tell us everything about it?

O: I solve a locked room mystery.

A: And whose the criminal?

O: There is a criminal.

We kept laughing at how vague he was being.

O: There are a lot of great guests. To the point that I wonder if I'm good enough to be the main character.

N: But you can't tell us who they'll be?

O: Not yet. You'll see when they come out on the show.

Sho tried to talk about their “starting over” program which was in the newspaper and guessed that all the members must know what the others were doing for it, but Nino pointed to Ohno and Aiba and said he didn't know what they were doing yet. Sho mentioned the picture of Jun.

S: There was the picture of MatsuJun with all that make-up on..... (no one comments).... That's all I had to say about that.

We laughed hard.

N: There's just really no information yet.

The next topic was the ending theme for Sho's movie. Aiba and Nino looked at him expectantly, but he didn't answer Arashi like they were hoping. Ohno and Aiba fell backwards playfully and Nino exclaimed, “Je je je!!” (A popular phrase taken from “Ama-chan”)

N: Even I know her (Sara Brightman), but still...

S: Sorry.

Kohaku was the last topic.

S: Ohno-san, we're the hosts with Ayase Haruka. But you don't want to lose?

O: I don't.

S: Shouldn't the six of us be working together?

N: Yeah.

O: No! It's a song battle.

S: But there's six of us.

N: And we should work hard together.

O: But there's only one of me... And I want to hold that flag.

N: He always does. You've held it twice.

O: I want to hold it again.

Nino raised his hand, saying he wanted to too, then Aiba did, and Sho followed them, but with that pattern (Daccho Club's joke), Ohno also raised his hand and ended up as the winner.

N: Wait!

Sho started giggling.

S: That was the most ridiculous waste of time ever.

They quickly started the second half with some “Yeah”s led by Aiba.

The vampire video began Jun's solo. It was the same as Thursday, but I was able to catch more of the dance moves he used this time.

All the little details and steps in “Monokuro” had our complete attention. So much so that when it reached the pause after remix, it was dead silent in the crowd. The styles of the individual dances were: Nino - Johnnys, Sho - Hip hop, Ohno – robot, A – flowing, and Jun – sudden moves. The moment they peeled off the top layer of their outfit and tossed it away, they danced together until “PARADOX” started.

During “Calling”, there were effects on the screen of fire sparking. Juniors danced in the middle of center stage while they walked around in a circle. There are a bunch of fireworks at the end too.

I spotted when Aiba ducked off the stage and when he came back on alone in his red sweater. He sang the first part sitting down, then walked to main stage.

“Tears” was up on the individual rising stands. The dome was mostly in the dark so you could see the penlights clearly, as well as the lasers floating on the ceiling like fireflies.

I love the dance moves for “Starlight Kiss” too, but most of them could be described as cool or cute. It flowed right into “Funky”, which was a blast. The wave in the stands still didn't go nearly fast enough.

Ohno had come over to our section in “Meikyuu Love Song” and I was so busy watching him, I almost didn't catch Sho's “pulling us in” move. The second time, he did the move twice.

“Love So Sweet” started with Sho singing “Love, love, love for you”. Nino and Sho were waving to us a lot. On the way back, Sho was doing the dance and high-fived a junior when passing them.

J: Thank you for coming. This is our last song. “Ai wo Utaou”.

The huge dome rose together, flashing through images of planets, the sun, under water, the Earth. They all called out their good-byes.

S: We love you all, Tokyo! (In English)

The first encore began with the reopening of the dome and the member-colored balloons floating up. “Tooku Made” had so many cute moments. The couples tonight did as follows: Jun petted Ohno's head again, Jun hugged Nino while Ohno smirked behind them, Nino and Sho did a cute dance with spins, Sho and Aiba stood still next to each other until they glanced at each other, smiled, and high-fived. Lastly, Aiba reached out for Ohno and when he finally got a hold of his hand, pulled Ohno in for a tight hug.

“Sakura Sake” and “Happiness” passed in a blur of waving, jumping, and singing. All five ran to center stage to do link their arms for their “dragon” wave.

Jun thanked the juniors and the band. We shouted their name at Jun's cue, ending the first encore.

Ready for the second one, Sho had to show off his towel again. “You didn't call us, but here we are!” I was more entertained by Ohno's muscle pose than that.

S: Thank you. Every time I say it, but from the very top of the dome and the very back, thank you all for coming. I said “Let's love each other” at the beginning. How was it? Did our love make it to you? Was it fun? 2013, this August, we all turned 30. But even then, we have little kids practicing “Funky” and playing “Happiness” at school too. It makes us happy. If we go on to our next stage, we'll take the love that you always give us and give back twice as much. We hope we can give you an unchanging, everlasting love.

O: It went by fast, but it was a rich three hours. Being able to spend this time with all 60,000 of you... your expressions were great. Yeah... there were a lot of faces...Not in a weird way! And all the people who wore costumes or made uchiwa...Maybe you spent a week to come up with an idea, then 3,4 hours, 5, 6 hours to make it. It shows that you really want to enjoy this time, so it makes it fun for us. So we hope we'll be able to make another concert with you again soon.

A: Well, that was fun! We were so happy and got so much love from you. If I had to say it in one word....... I don't have the words for it. There aren't any! The word for it doesn't exist.... Or maybe it's one that just I don't know. It's something that doesn't have words, something that isn't logical. But you just feel so happy from it. After all, I do the rehearsals alone, so being here is 6 times as fun! (Cheering) We get a lot of strength from this, so we want to protect this for the next 15, 20, 30 years. The place may change, but at that time, we'll meet again.

N: For ME, it was 100 times as fun. (Laughter)

A: Stop that.

N: Anyway, thank you. You know, I was thinking about why concerts were so much fun. It's because it's not just one side “showing” and one side “watching”, it's something we all make together. Like “Funky”, it was amazing. That's what your teacher thinks. (Teacher being Nino-sensei). In front of me was a family. And in that family was a father. He was embarrassed as he danced along, but when I looked close, he was dancing it perfectly. He may have been calm about it, but he was still dancing it perfectly. The fact that they were thinking about how they could enjoy the concert more with their family and friends, it makes us very happy. We still have tomorrow, but today's show was great. Thank you.

J: It was a lot of fun.................. It had a sort of warm feeling. The theme of this tour was love, so we thought about what kind of songs to include. And there were a lot of songs that we could only sing because it was now. Because it was 2013 and we had been together for 14 years, that was the reason we could perform them. But it's not just me. There are the juniors, the band, the filming crew, the tour staff, we could only stand here because of them and the people that came from so far to see us. We're really grateful. It's not about how it was for us, but how you made it so good. Thank you. This December, we've reached our 15th year. This next year, we hope to meet with the fans more and make more memories together. The five of us will keep going together, so please follow us.

Ohno began “Kansha Kangeki” the same way he often does, but the silly “And how was THAT?” face he made to Sho was hilarious. Eventually, Ohno made is way over to our section again and he most definitely pointed right in my direction. Couldn't be sure it was me because of the distance, but I can hope.

He went back to fishing until “My Girl”. It was Nino's turn to come wave at us. Turning back to center stage, Nino stopped when he saw Jun looking his way. They reach out for each other, even though they were nowhere close, and Jun pretended to pull Nino toward him, to which Nino played along, stumbling forward like he'd been pulled forcefully. The five of them posed at one of the cameras before saying their last goodbyes.

J: This is love.

The concert ended at 8:57 today. I'm really excited for tomorrow, because the seats I hit for are on the first floor, close to the back stage, right where Ohno will be performing his solo!

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