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Nihon Yoitoko Makafushigi Lyrics

This is Arashi's cover song of Shonentai's original. It's a rather hilarious song. There are a mountain of notes after the English translation at the bottom to explain all the references.


むかしなつかし わらべ歌
コマにゴム飛び かくれんぼ
 もういいかい まだだよ
 もういいかい まだだよ

うれし楽しや Play on the game
メンコままごと おちゃらかホイホイ
 せっせっせの よいよい
 せっせっせの よいよい

日本良いとこ一度おいで サクラさいたらうかれだす
のめやうたえや 日もくれて まつりさわぎで ワッショイショイ!


摩訶不思議 摩訶不思議 摩訶不思議 Oh yeah!
 うれし楽しや これほしい
摩訶不思議 摩訶不思議 摩訶不思議 Oh oh oh oh yeah!
 だるまさんが ころんだ (だるまさんがおきない!!)


Mukashi natsukashi Warabe uta
Koma ni gomu tobi Kakurenbo
 Mou ii kai Mada da yo
 Mou ii kai Mada da yo

Ureshi tanoshi ya Play on the game
Menko mama goto Ocharaka hoi hoi
 Sesseseeno Yoi yoi
 Sesseseeno Yoi yoi

Nihon yoitoko ichido oide Sakura saitara ukare dasu
Nome ya utae ya Hi mo kurete Matsuri sawagi de Wasshoi shoi!

Mukashi, mukashi, aru tokoro, Jiichan, Baachan, waki ai ai
Jiisan yama e shibakari ni, Baasan kawa e sentaku e
Ookina momo ka to omottara, chiisana chiisana Issun boushi
Urashimatarou ni Kintarou, momo kara umareta Momotarou
Take kara detekurya Kaguya hime, momo kuri san nen kaki hachi nen
Nani wo ossharu saru kani gassen, suttamonda no mukashi no hanashi
Bunbuku chagama ga…

Makafushigi Makafushigi Makafushigi Oh yeah!
 Ureshi tanoshi ya Kore hoshii
Makafushigi Makafushigi Makafushigi Oh oh oh oh yeah!
 Darumasan ga Koronda (Darumasan ga okinai!!)


Old, familiar children's song
A spinning top, rubber-band jumping Hide and seek
 Are you ready? Not yet
 Are you ready? Not yet

Happy and having fun Play on the game
Playing menko and playing house Ocharaka hoi hoi
 Sesseseeno Yoi yoi
 Sesseseeno Yoi yoi

All the good things about Japan, come over here Once the cherry blossoms bloom, we'll get excited
Drink and sing as the sun goes down With all the excitement of a festival, we shout “Wasshoi shoi!”

Once upon a time in a certain village, there was a grandpa and grandma living peacefully
The grandpa went to the mountains to cut bamboo, the grandma to the river to wash clothes
Instead of a giant peach, a very tiny inch-high samurai came by
Then Urashimatarou and Kintarou, followed by Momotarou who'd been born from a peach
And Princess Kaguya who'd came from a bamboo, everything happening at it's own pace
“What are you saying”, the battle of the monkey and the crab It's a big mix-up of all the fairytales
Bunbuku chagama...

So mysterious So mysterious So mysterious Oh yeah!
 Happy and having fun I want it
So mysterious So mysterious So mysterious Oh oh oh oh yeah!
 Daruma-san fell over (Daruma-san can't get back up!!)


Rubber-band jumping: You pull a rubber band out low to the ground and jump over it. There are many patterns and ways of jumping that make it challenging.

Menko: Game of slapping a card on the ground to turn it over.

Ocharaka hoi: This is a variation of janken. (Rock, paper, scissors) They use the lines “Sesseseeno Yoi yoi” in it too.

Wasshoi: A cry when carrying something heavy (usually a portable shrine).

Issun boushi: Story of the inch-high samurai and his adventures.

Urashimatarou: A man who rescued a turtle and visited a castle on the bottom of the sea.

Kintarou: A boy with superhuman strength that became friends with the animals on a mountain.

Momotarou: The demon slaying boy born from a giant peach.

Kaguya Hime: A girl born from bamboo who is from the moon.

Momo kuri san nen kaki hachi nen: Literally, “It takes peach and chestnut trees three years to bear, and persimmon trees eight years.” The meaning is that everything happens at it's own pace.

Nani wo osharu: Probaby lyrics from “Usagi to Kame”, a song about a turtle and a rabbit racing to the top of a hill.

Saru kani gassen: Story about a crab getting revenge on a greedy monkey.

Bunbuku chagama: Story about a tanuki who transforms into a tea kettle.

Daruma-san: Round dolls that you make wishes on. Usually, if you push it over, it should be able to get upright by itself, but the one in the song doesn't, which is probably bad luck.

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