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Arashi ni Shiyagare Translation for 2011.06.25

This is the requested translation for Shiyagare on 06.25.11 with the soccer players Kawashima and Uchida. I was too tired to do a double check, so let me know if something sounds weird in this.

Anno: The guests, the content, everything is a secret.

The five members of Arashi who don't know anything will cut through the era to an unknown world on this extreme improvised variety show, Arashi ni Shiyagare.

S: It's begun again! The extreme improvised variety show, Arashi ni Shiyagare!

A: Hello.

N: Here we go.

S: According to rumor, Aiba-san, I heard that you went fishing.

A: I did. The kind where you can reserve the boat, so it wasn't that big.

I went out on it and did this. I've almost never done fishing.

And that feeling when the line pulls, I can't get enough of it.

S: It was fun?

A: It was.

N: Did you get hooked on it?

A: I did.

N: Ah, is that so?

A: I said I wanted to go again.

And when I caught one, I sent a picture to Leader, going like this and it said, "I caught this!"

O: Your face at that time was the best you've had up until now.

N: That can't be true!

That can't be true. He's made other better expressions before.

S: About who is supposed to be the aniki guest today...

I think it's someone who's only able to be in Japan right now.

N: Like someone who'll go home sometime next week?

S: Yes.

J: Who's in Japan right now?

S: I think... maybe it's Cameron Diaz.

J: Is Cameron-san in Japan right now?

S: I have no idea!

I have no idea.

N: Well, in the first place... she's not even an aniki.

S: Should we continue?

A: Yeah.

S: Now, we'd like to have our aniki guest for today come out, this person!

N: Really?!

S: Tonight’s guests are the Japanese soccer representatives Kawashima Eiji and Uchida Atsuto.

Anno: It's been said that his demon expression after stopping a goal is sexy. Japan's immovable guard, Kawashima Eiji.

He runs through the right side of the field, Japan's noble-looking representative. The handsome Uchida Atsuto.

Tonight is the lineup of the top two good-looking Japanese soccer representatives.

S: To tell the truth, I'm both excited and moved.

N: You guessed it.

S: But really, with this timing, it's right when you would be in Japan.

K: That's right. It's off season now.

S: Have you ever done variety together before?

U: It's the first time for us.

K: The first.

S: Have you at least done variety shows?

K: This is the first.

S: That's true.

I get the image that Kawashima has a serious face usually.

That's what I thought.

U: Not at all. He's rather easygoing.

S: No way!

N: He is?

Are you?

S: And as for Arashi...

It's nice to meet you.

K: There was that one time.

I interrupted him when he was sleeping on a bed.

A: Eh? What kind of relationship do you have?

J: One of the trainers that we use was there and the place where we got a massage happened to be next to each other.

A: Oh, the same trainer?

K: They said, "We'll introduce you," and when I turned around, he was suddenly there...

S: Matsumoto Jun appears.

K: Yeah, it was so sudden.

S: So the teams each of you are participating with are...

K: I'm with Belgium.

S: And...

U: I'm with Germany.

S: So it's quite international.

N: Wow.

S: Did you get used to living in Germany quickly?

U: It took some time.

I don't really understand the language.

Eiji-san is fluent though.

S: How many languages can you speak?

K: Um...

U: That'll come up later.

N: It'll come out later?

S: They're showing us some different sides. You seemed like a manager then.

Uchida-san, you do a lot of work.

K: Today we'd like to teach you many things with the same amount of spirit as when we are being representatives.

S: Sounds like fun.

This'll get us excited.

S: As is our custom, did you bring something for us?

K&U: Ready... Funky Girls, come on!

K: We brought our team's uniforms.

A: That makes us happy.

K: For Ohno-san.

O: Great!

U: Matsumoto-san.

J: Thank you.

U: Aiba-san.

A: Yes. I'm happy.

N: Thank you.

J: Let's put them on, since this is a good chance.

A: That's true.

S: Is it alright?

U: Go ahead.

You seem like you would play soccer.

A: Really?

Even though I haven't played.

J: You look like you could be Uchida.

U: It suits you. Rather well.

A: Really?

U: He looks weak.

S: I think it's because...

The florescent colors don't go well you, as I thought.

K: By the way, usually my uniform used for the games has Eiji written on the back, but this was only used for press conferences and has Kawashima.

N: Oh, this.

K: That's right.

S: That's amazing. So this is really extraordinary!

O: Is... it okay if I have this?

Anno: Exposing the unknown rumors of the top 2 good-looking Japanese representatives, Kawashima and Uchida.

Get information on the rumors of the Samurai Blue.

S: So, right away, it's time to talk about rumors.

Several rumors concerning Kawashima and Uchida will come up. Some are only rumors, so if it isn't true, please tell us.

Let's start.

Text: For casual clothes, he only has one pair of jeans and a few shirts.

S: Who is this?

U: Me.

S: No way. Really?

I've seen you in several fashion magazines and I thought you were in the category of "fashionable soccer players."

U: I'm only wearing those because someone told me to.

S: The outfits.

Then usually, you aren't that interested in fashion?

U: I don't care about it at all. I don't go shopping either.

S: I see.

A: And you only have one pair? Why only one?

U: I went to buy them.

When I came back to Japan from Germany, I knew there would be reporters waiting at the airport.

A: Yes.

U: I don't have any clothes. I was in trouble, so in Holland there is a player named Yoshida and I went with him. I don't know any stores either.

N: So you don't know where they sell what?

Then Yoshida tells you?

U: I hear it from him.

K: The other day, after the game ended, we decided to go out to eat.

And when we met up, he arrived wearing his jersey.

U: Isn't that fine? Because I'm a soccer player.

S: That's true. If you're wearing the uniform.

N: I think that would be hard to do.

U: I do think when you appear on TV, you should be dressed properly. Someone like Honda-san is really good.

S: He is.

U: His clothes are.

N: Do you look up to Honda-san?

U: I don't.

N: Who do you think is a fashionable player? Someone who everyone thinks is.

U: I think Hasebe-san.

S: What kind of fashion does he have?

U: He's serious, so he always dresses properly.

S: Who do you think is someone who's not very fashionable? According to you.

U: Like someone who is...

K: If this comes from someone who usually wears his jersey around, it'll be a shock for them.

S: Kawashima-san, I have the image that you like clothes. According to you, are there people that aren't very fashionable?

K: There are.

When they are wearing casual clothes or after a game, and you'll see them.

And it's like, oh~.

They're trying, but they just aren't fashionable.

U: Who?

K: Like Maya.

U: Yoshida Maya! That's the Yoshida from before.

S: He comes up a lot.

N: Yoshida does.

Text: It seems he's fluent in four languages.

S: This is Kawashima, right?

K: With this, they've already raised the hurdle. As soon as they said I was fluent.

N: What languages?

S: I've heard about this.

K: For English and Italian, I'm at a conversation level. Spanish and Portuguese, I know enough to get by.

S: What I heard was that you prepared so that you could go abroad at any time.

K: That's right. I always did. Before I went, I took English lessons on the internet.

Like before we went on tours. Before the tour, I'd say "Hello" to the teacher.

S: I'd say "Hello".

N: Amazing.

U: I know German, but my German isn't very good.

S: What language do you speak in then?

What language do you talk to them with?

U: I'm to the point where what I don't know makes it fun.

While taking some risks and doing this...

S: Then the directions from the coach...

U: I know soccer terminology.

You can get used to it.

S: Did you like studying languages originally?

K: I do.

So when I'm studying, I do Italian, then Spanish, and there are many connecting points.

Between those Latin words. So I have fun finding those common points.

S: Kawashima, can you give us your introduction in each of the four languages? Is it okay to ask you to do that?

K: Can I tell you the most embarrassing thing? Isn't English the most embarrassing one?

S: I understand that.

K: Because everyone will understand it.

Like "my name is..."

S: Give it a try.

U: Say mine in Italian.

K: You're going to say it? Your introduction?

U: Me?

N: Ah, you want him to say it for you?

S: That's true, that's true.

I have no idea what you're saying!

A: What did you say?

S: What did you talk about?

K: "This is Uchida-kun. He lives in Germany, but he can't speak the language," is what I said.

All: Great.

S: What's a useful word to know in Italian?

K: Ciao!

Ciao. Is that too easy?

N: It's too easy. I knew that one too!

K: Something more difficult.

N: Yes.

K: How about "salve"? It's a way to greet someone who is of a higher status than you, more serious than using "ciao". Like "excuse me".

S: We went to Korea and all we could say was "kimchi".

Text: It seems he like women who are sadists.

S: Who does this one belong to?

U: This is probably about me.

But I hate this.

N: So this is something that people tell you a lot?

U: This is a lie.

K: It's the first time I've heard this.

N: It might have come up in a conversation.

U: I like... not sadists, but I like the type of woman who are calm.

S: For people who are calm, are there any other requirements?

U: Well cooking is important for soccer players...

N: It is!

S: Yeah, it is.

N: That's probably the most important.

S: Like someone who is good at managing nutrition?

U: I can't do it so...

S: Any other requirements?

U: A sense... A sense for clothes.

S: But you don't have one!

N: You aren't interested in it, right?

J: You don't care for yourself, but...

U: I don't care about them myself, but I'd like them to be reliable with that.

As for an example of an entertainer, like You-san.

S: So you'd like them to choose your clothes for you?

U: I wouldn't say that I didn't like what they chose.

I'm the type to take my clothes in the order that they are sitting on top of the laundry machine.

S: The same as him.

O: Same as me.

U: The same?

O: It's like, "I don't care about it myself at all!" Right?

U: Yes.

S: After all, for about two years, he wore this shirt I couldn't understand that had three gouyas hanging on it.

Text: His abs are the same level as an underwear model's.

S: Aren't the both of them like that?

N: There should be a lot of guys like that.

U: As for Eiji-san, after practice, I'm the type that will selfishly go into other people's rooms.

I'll go into the shower and the bath in Eiji's room.

And afterwards, he's doing sit-ups and back stretches by himself.

N: After the practice?

J: In your room?

U: Yes. And with no clothes on. Completely naked.

K: Idiot!


N: Can you show us?

A: We want to see.

O: How long do you do it for?

N: That's right. How long?

K: Generally, I don't like to do a lot. So in one day I'll do 3 sets of 20.

Every day, I try to do it many times with less numbers.

J: What is your schedule like for one day? When you're practicing... during a season.

U: I think there are a lot of people who assume we play soccer all day. But usually, the most we do is about 2 hours.

S: Really?

U: That's why we have a lot of free time.

N: What else do you do?

U: The place that I live has a lot of people around...

S: Then you say, "This time, let's get everyone together in Germany!" "Let's get together in Holland."

U: Eiji-san is pretty far away.

K: I am. It takes two hours by car.

J: Two hours by car?

S: You're that far away?

K: Usually, everyone gathers over there, so I'll drive there for 2 hours, eat for 2 hours, and come home in 2 hours.

J: It multiplied.

N: That's a long time in a car.

K: This guy is my kouhai and he says, "I'll go, I'll go to Belgium." But he hasn't come once.

Text: Blonde women made his heart beat faster. (By Karateka's Irie)

S: Why did this information come from Irie-san?

K: Why did he come up?

S: This is...

K: Probably me.

S: First, are you on good terms with Irie-san?

K: I am. Ah, but not in a strange way.

S: I know. I didn't say anything about that.

K: Not in a strange way.

S: How is he connected to you?

K: I met him through a friend. Then sometimes we'd go out to dinner together.

S: So if this information is from Irie-san, it should be correct?

K: But that they make my heart beat faster?

S: You're already grinning!

K: It's not that they make my heart beat faster... If there's a pretty lady, if they have black hair, blonde hair, it doesn't matter.

I'm not concerned if they are a Japanese woman or a foreign woman, there isn't a line.

S: Okay, okay.

N: That's true.

A: But he said they make your heart beat faster.. Have you tried to pick up one before?

K: Pick them up? No.

U: He's learning new words for the purpose of picking someone up.

S: He seems like a global Takeda-san.

N: Like a Take-chan that's trying to go further.

S: Should we go on soon?

An improvisation collaboration plan with the guest: Learn the essential points for being active around the world from the Japanese soccer representatives Kawashima Eiji and Uchida Atsuto.

Y: Hello!

Text: Nankai Candies' Yamasato Ryouta

J: Yama-chan!

Y: What's with that flat tone!?

N: It's the voice from above!

S: It is! Say "Good morning."

Y: No, it's fine. I'm just a normal guy.

All: Do it, do it!

Y: Good morning.

S: It was the voice from above!

Y: Really, I'm just a normal guy.

Anno: Arashi learns new skills!
Aniki's Three Points

They’ll learn from Kawashima and Uchida, who are currently working in Belgium and Germany, about the essential points for being active around the world.

Y: Today, we'll learn the essential points for being active around the world from these two Japanese representatives from Germany and Belgium.

Is it right to say that if they learn this, they'll be able to travel around the world?

K: With this, Arashi will be able to go around the world more and more.

S: Nii-san.

K: And leave Japan.

S: Nii-san, please teach us!

Y: Alright, let's begin then.

Let's kick this off!

That right now was the first and only terminology I know for soccer.

N: No way.

Y: Let's go on to the first point. Here it is!

Do “Is that so in Europe?” - Germany and Belgium Version.

Y: Right now, there are currently 20 Japanese soccer players active in Europe.

From two of those, we'll learn the charms of Germany and Belgium.

S&N: Sounds fun.

Y: Then, if you will, Uchida-san.

U: Sakurai-san, please rotate the set.

S: Understood. Rotate the set!

J: Bye-bye!

Y: This isn't bye-bye!

Anno: Tonight the set revolves again.

Y: That's dangerous!

Anno: What is revealed is the well-known Shiyagare classroom set- Germany and Belgium Version.

N: There's a castle.

J: There is.

Y: Ah, you noticed it?

J: Where is this?

Y: This is the castle in Germany, Neushwanstein, and the other is the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Belgium.

You can't normally see them together from outside your window.

J: So from here, it's a different place?

Y: Yes, that's where it changes.

A: I see.

Y: Let's begin the lesson for “Is that so in Europe?” - Germany and Belgium Version.

S: Stand.


All: Good morning.


Y: I'll say it clearly. Don't be lazy!

O: Cool.

Text: Learn the rules and customs of Germany and Belgium in the form of a fill in the blank quiz.

Y: As they know, for both Germany and Belgium, there are rules in either country, right?

We'll have you learn them by a fill in the blank quiz.

J: Sounds fun.

Y: If you know the answer, raise your hand.

First is a question for Germany.

S: Okay, okay.

U: In Japanese, the German word "Ach so" means __.

S: "Ach so"?

Y: If you know, raise your hand.

S: In Japanese, the German word "Ach so" means "That was unexpected."

Y: How is it?

U: It's a little different.

Y: A little different.

N: A little?

Y: Teacher, according to the answer I have, I don't think it's just a little.

N&A: Teacher!

Y: This is Arashi. It's okay to knock them down from above.

U: It's completely wrong!

A: I got it!

In Japanese, the German word "Ach so" means "Soccer."

U: No.

A: It's not?

It seemed like it was right.

Y: Although he gave the impression that it was the right answer.

S: Can we get a hint?

A: Yeah.

O: We want a hint.

N: A good hint.

Y: When would you use this?

U: When you do this.

Y: This already nearly answered it.

J: Okay.

Y: He got it?

J: In Japanese, the German word "Ach so" means "I see."

U: Isn't that okay?

Y: No, teacher...

J: It's wrong.

Y: You're getting closer.

J: It's close.

O: Maybe, it's the same?

U: Correct.

N: Eh? Really?

J: Really?

O: "Ah, is that so?"

Y: That's right.

He has a unique timing for revealing the answer.

N: Eh? Really?

O: Wow.

Y: Would you use this in normal conversation?

U: I would.

All: Ach so.

Y: Both the German "Ach so" and the Japanese "Ah, sou" have the same meaning as "Ah, is that so?"

But the origin for the German is completely different so it's just a coincidence that it ended up with the same meaning as the Japanese "Ah, sou".

N: It's amazing that through a coincidence the nuance overlaps too.

Y: Yes, the source of the words were completely different.

A: Wow.

Y: Are there any others?

U: Another is "nanu?"

All: "Nanu?"

N: "Nanu" is also "nanu"?

J: When would you use "nanu?"

U: "Nanu?"

Y: That's right. You can also use "nanu".

Next is a question from Belgium.

Kawashima-sensei, are you ready?

Surprisingly, you're clumsy.

K: In Japanese, the source of the word for Belgium's famous product, the waffle, is_.

J: Okay.

Y: Go ahead.

J: Brick.

K: You're on a good track to choose by the image.

A: The image? Brick is close?

Y: Going by the shape...

N: Okay.


K: Now it's become too hard.

Y: Yeah, hard...

S: Okay!

Y: Thinking of bricks...

S: A manhole.

Y: No! Geez!

N: What?!

Y: You were pulled too much by "brick".

A: It's because they said it was close.

Y: Brick was close. Or rather, the concept was close.

K: But the "manhole" from before, the shape is very similar.

S: Isn't it?!

That's what you mean, right?

K: Yes. But it's not right.

S: It's not.

K: Everyone eats this pretty regularly.

All: Eats?

Y: Ah, the thing that is related to the answer.

K: Yes, they eat it a lot.

N: The thing it's related to?

K: In the morning...

Y: This is already a great hint.

K: What do you put on your bread?

J: Jam.

K: It's not jam. Today I didn't feel like that.

Y: No jam for today.

N: You're not in the mood for it?

J: Okay!


Y: And that means?

S: Honeycomb.

K: Correct.

That took a while.

A: I guess it is round.

Y: That was great how Sho-kun snatched up the answer like that.

From "honey" and "that means", he went "honeycomb!"

S: I thought so too. I kinda wanted to back away from myself.

Y: Waffle is taken from the bumps meant to resemble the inside of a honeycomb.

A: I see.

Y: By the way, Belgium waffles come in two shapes. Liege waffles.

Text: Liege waffles: the shape often sold in Japan.

N: I've heard of that.

Y: You've probably seen this one before.

The other is Brussel waffles.

Text: Brussel waffles: because the batter is not sweet, chocolate and ice cream is added as toppings.

K: You can add a lot to it.

Y: The batter isn't very sweet, so it's eaten with ice cream or chocolate on top.

K: Chocolate.

Y: Chocolate is better.

K: Belgian chocolate is really good.

Y: Wow, you are kind of easygoing. "Belgian chocolate is really good."

Do Belgian people make waffles in their houses?

K: There are people that have the supplies. The waffle machines.

Y: I see.

A: A waffle machine...

Y: It's kind of like the people in Osaka that have Takoyaki machines, right?

S: Sorry, but none of us are from there...

Y: OK.

Next is a question from Germany.

A: Let's do it.

Y: Uchida-sensei, if you will.

U: There is the saying, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," but in German, there is another saying with the same meaning. "A __ for a __."

J: Wow, this one looks like fun.

Y: Great. You're getting excited!

Y: Doesn't this one seem like it should be overflowing with a German feeling?

U: It does.

N: It has a German feeling, does it?

S: "A sausage for a sausage."

Y: Co-

U: Correct.

S: Wow, I went and did it...

U: "A sausage for a sausage."

A: Teacher!

Y: You didn't want to play around a little more?! Sho-kun!

He said that this looked like a fun one, but he didn't get to answer once.

Y: Originally, it came from the tradition of giving sausages made from the pigs that they had raised to their neighbors and as thanks, they would all give back sausages in return.

So at first, it had the positive meaning of "be kind to others".

But somehow it had changed to the opposite meaning of "getting back at someone".

N: But originally, it was a good saying.

Y: Yes, it was.

By the way, in German it is... "Wurst wider wurst".

A: The volume of your voice was too quiet so we couldn't hear.

Y: My volume is in proportion to my confidence.

Teacher, could you try to read this here. The part in German.

U: Wurst wider wurst.

Y: It's the same! The volume was.

N: The volume was completely the same.

Y: So now that we are talking about sausages, we have prepared assorted authentic German sausages for everyone.

Sausages, come on!

Text: Assorted authentic German sausages

Everyone, go ahead.

A: There's a coiled one too.

Y: It's great, isn't it?

S: Looks delicious.

Y: Kawashima also said in a quiet voice that it looks good.

If there is one that you are curious about, please tell me.

J: This one is pretty normal.

Text: Frankfurter Wurstchen
The sausage that spread throughout the world as a representative of Germany

Y: As far as looks go.

S: It looks good.

Y: Go ahead.

A: Let's eat.

J: There are more kinds than this, aren't there?

Y: That country has many.

Text: Regensburger Wurstchen
10~15 are connected in a line and they are usually eaten with mustard

N: So this one would be the representative?

Y: Yes.

A: What is this one?

N: That's the long one.

Y: This is Bratwurstschnecken. Schnecken is "snail" and it's the shape of the sausage. It uses 100% pork and is mixed with herbs, so it has a light and refreshing taste.

U: I've eaten this one before. And they grill it as is.

J: They grill one side and then flip it over.

Y: Matsumoto-kun...

You look like a kid from Okinawa that caught a snake.

J: How do you...

Y: You cut it, right?

U: Yes.

O: You could get full with that.

Y: It would be a lot if you ate one.

The sausages are good, right?

S: Very.

Text: Knoblauch Wurstchen
Garlic is mixed in

S: You can't usually have this many types.

N: Yeah.

Y: It suits all of you.

You know, this isn't the basement of a department store.

If you're silent...

S: Yama-chan, what's this one? It's a kind of minced meat.

Y: Yes, yes. That one.

Text: Leberwurst
A liver sausage that uses fresh liver

Y: This is a liver sausage that German people put out with bread for breakfast or dinner.

You put this on brown bread.

A: On this.

Y: Yes, you put it on that. Sho-kun is trying it.

A&Y: How is it?

S: Delicious~!

Y: It was a different level from the usual "delicious" we hear.

S: It's good!

Text: Weisswurst
A specialty of Munich: White sausage.

Y: Everyone.

A: This seems like sausage.

O: It's good.

S: Aiba-san, did you just say that what you're eating seems like a sausage?

These are all sausages, right?

Y: That IS a sausage!

Anno: Learn the essential points for being active around the world from the Japanese soccer representatives Kawashima and Uchida. The second point is...

Y: Let's go on to the second point!

Do "Samurai Blue."

A: Let's do it! Let's do it!

S: What do you mean?

Y: What do you mean by that? Since these two have come, there's no way we'll not do soccer.

A: Okay!

Y: So that Arashi will be able to travel around the world, we'll actually have these two who are already active internationally compete with you.

K: By competing with me, they'll find out the world isn't so easy.

N: You sure said it.

Y: You'll teach them the hardships of the world.

K: If I can show them, that would be nice.

Y: Why are you sounding so weak?

K: Sakurai-san, please turn the set.

S: Understood. Rotate the set!

Anno: The set turns once again. What appeared was the place for the match of Arashi VS the Japanese representatives.

J: Really?

We're not going to move to a different place?

A: Shouldn't we go somewhere else?

Y: We're going to do it here.

A: Let's go to a sports ground.

Y: No, we're going to do it here.

That's why they prepared a soccer stadium and a goal here.

S: Well, yeah, it's a stadium.

But the audience is the same as when Matsuoka Shuuzou-san came.

We'll have a PK showdown between Arashi and Kawashima to help you experience the world.

S: Really?

Y: Well, in those clothes... it would be bad. So we'll go to Shiyagare's well-known changing time. If you will!

S: Got it.

Y: Let's have them come out. Arashi Japan!

That's nice... very cool. You look like those matryoshka dolls.

S: From over there.

Y: Yes, it looks nice.

This will be a full out competition for penalty kicks against Kawashima.

So let's ask him now. What percentage are you sure of stopping their kicks? Try saying 100%!

K: & $ # percent.

All: What?

K: & $ # percent.

Y: 100%, right?

K: Yeah, & $ # percent.

Y: So you think you can stop them, right?

K: It's & $ # percent.

N: What is he saying?

Y: He won't say it!

S: He won't.

Anno: Before the PKs, Uchida aniki shows us the German flow of warming up.

J: Here we go, Misaki-kun!

S: O...okay, Tsubasa-kun!

Y: Go ahead.

They can do it pretty well.

They really can!

K: Great!

S: That was good.

Y: Wow!

A: We really can do it!

Y: They can.

They did well.

Anno: Now that their bodies are warmed up, it's finally time to start the PK match of dreams.

The distance goes by the futsal rules of 6 meters.

From this short distance, can the Japanese representative Kawashima stop Arashi?

Y: For the members that get a penalty kick in by Kawashima, there are two wonderful rewards for them.

J: What? What?

Y: Please decide the order that you will go in.

S: We've decided.

A: Up first is... go for it.

O: Me!

Text: Ohno's challenge!

N: Go!

Y: Was there a character that went "me!"?

S: Ohno Satoshi!

N: It's okay if you didn't understand the mood, so long as you get a goal.

N: You'll do fine.

A: Kick it as hard as you can!

N: Do it!

S: Ohno Satoshi!

Y: Let's begin. Ohno's penalty kick. Go!

A: It was close! Close!

J: He got it.

S: That was a good course.

O: It was, wasn't it?

S: From here, it looked like it went to the right.

A: It was good.

Y: It seems Arashi is serious about this.

Who is next?

O: That was amazing...

N: Me!

Text: Nino's challenge!

Y: Nino!

S: Go, Ninomiya Kazunari!

N: Oka-! Ow!


A: You're fine, you're fine.

O: Don't worry about it.

Y: Ninomiya's penalty kick!

A&O: As hard as you can.

Y: Go!

S: I wonder why that is.

N: Damn!

J: This isn't good. It seems like anywhere we aim, it won't go in.

Y: Arashi is losing their confidence.

N: It won't go in.

K: They're getting better gradually.

Y: Who's next?

A: Me!

Text: Aiba's challenge!

Y: A cheerful Kansai person has come out.

Aiba-kun's penalty kick.

A: I'll kick as hard as I can.

Y: Go!

N: Wow! Wow! Really?

Y: That was right at your face.

N: It's not only about the face, but also the speed.

He won't dodge, as I thought.

K: It'll go in, it'll go it!

If I dodged, it would go in!

N: I see.

Y: That's obvious!

A: Usually, if you aim higher, it's scary.

K: These two are the real problem.

Y: So Kawashima, you mean that it was obvious that you would stop all the ones before this?

N: No way! Oi!

A: Wait a minute!

N: No way!

Y: It seems you boys were the opening act.

N: It starts from now?

Y: Now it's time for the real show.

Next is...

K: Those two will aim for it seriously.

Y: Yes. Who is next?

J: Me!

Text: Matsumoto's challenge!

Y: He came out!

Anno: Finally the ones with soccer experience, Matsumoto and Sakurai VS Kawashima.

Y: Yes. Who is next?

J: Me!

Text: Matsumoto's challenge!

Y: He came out!

Suddenly, the switch turned on!

N: What's with that, Eiji?!

A: That's completely different from before!

Y: Opening act boys, please be quiet.

Let's continue.

N: Do it!

O: You can do it.

Y: Matsumoto-kun's penalty kick.

N: Go all out.

Y: Go!

S: That was a good course!

N: Amazing!

Y: This one went in!

K: Wait a minute. Can I say one thing?

The speed was completely different from the opening act boys.

N: It's strange to call us the opening act boys!

A: Oi, oi!

K: The gap that I was thinking it would be was so different that it surprised me!

Y: You got used to the slow speed at first.

Then that speed was...

K: That was rather fast.

Y: That was a great goal!

K: That's frustrating. It's just frustrating.

Y: You must have been extremely frustrated!

K: It's completely fine.

Y: You're gritting your teeth...

With this, you've gotten fired up. You had underestimated them. The last one comes out.

N: Do it seriously.

A: It'll go in.

S: Can I do this off-center?

N: Yeah.

Y: That's fine.

K: From the left side?

Y: Sakurai-kun's penalty kick.


J: This doesn't usually happen, even with penalty kicks.

Y: This must be out of the ordinary, right?

K: This is pretty, you know, tough.

Y: That was the most embarrassing way to lose.

Y: Arashi, please wait.

K: Let's do it one more time.

J: Eh? What?

K: One more time.

Y: I don't know if they'll accept.

N: If he wants to do it, it's fine with us.

Y: No, no, no.

K: Let's do it.

N: Yea- No way! Oi~!

K: Let's do it.

Y: Can the three of you be quiet?

You'll do it, right?

S: We will.

Y: We'll accept a second round then.

What do you think of this?

U: That was pretty bad. It was.

Y: Do you think that was too much to say?

K: Okay, okay.

I won't make excuses.

U: He's pretty irritated right now.

Y: It's dangerous now?

Let's start!

Matsumoto-kun's penalty kick. Go!

S&N: Wow!

N: This guy isn't playing fair!

He really isn't! What's with that?

S: That was great!

Y: No matter who saw this would think he's "serious".

N: He's not being fair! Are they going to let that go?

K: I don't like them going in and losing!

Y: What did you think when you saw that?

U: That was pretty sneaky.

J: That wasn't anything like "variety", right?

Y: Then now is the time! Sakurai-kun.

J: This probably won't go in.

N: J's shoot was pretty fast too.

O: It was.

Y: It will be pretty impressive if you can get a goal from a "serious" Kawashima.

N: You'll be the next representative.

S: Really.

J: You can do it.

S: You think so?

Y: Sakurai-kun's penalty kick. Go!

A: Who is that supposed to be?

N: You're not even wearing a ring!

K: Can they edit this?

Y: They can't. Everything will be in it.

Hey, hey, he's getting depressed.

K: They already got the goals in.

They already got them in!

Y: The adult is sulking.

Anno: Learn the essential points for being active around the world from the Japanese soccer representatives Kawashima and Uchida. The third point is...

Y: Let's go on to the third point.

Eat German and Belgium desserts

There are certain unique B-class gourmet desserts that you can eat at either of the German or Belgian stadiums.

Uchida-san, what is this?

U: These are ones that people eat in the stadium during a game while drinking beer.

Y: German and Belgium desserts, come on!

Looks delicious!

N: What is it?

Y: Representing Germany, this is the B-class gourmet food, currywurst. The price is about 2 euros or 230 yen.

There are 200 specialty stores where it is sold outside of the stadium as well.

Uchida-san, is this something popular in Germany?

U: If you walk around, it's anywhere.

Y: Next is the Belgian dessert. It is called Brussels waffles.

N: The ones from before.

Y: Yes. This is about 3 or 4 euros or 350 to 460 yen. This is known for having plenty of cream on top.

The ones who get to eat this are the two that got their penalty kicks in before, Sakurai-kun and Matsumoto-kun.

The currywurst is a popular food that has even appeared in manga or songs, so it's a food loved by everyone.

J: Delicious!

Y: Currywurst.

S: Chocolate, strawberries, and whipped cream, I think.

A: Looks good.

Y: It's definitely good.

A: Looks good!

Y: The size was a little too big.

J: He was pretty curious about it.

N: Will he do the usual one?

S: Delicious!

Y: We got a "delicious".

S: The waffle is still warm.

N: Ah, it's warm?

And the sausage?

J: The sauce is..

Y: It's dripping.

J: It's melted a bit and there is curry powder on top.

This would definitely go well with beer.

Y: He's trying it still with a sweet taste in his mouth.

S: It doesn't go well together.

N: Of course it wouldn't.

S: If you do it opposite, I think it would.

Y: He can eat a lot.

K: We'll eat this if we're going around in the city sometimes.

Y: Oh, with the purpose to eat it?

J: It does go well together.

Y: This isn't about whether it goes well together or not!

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