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Zero Motivation

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23 September
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For anyone who's interested, I go by the nickname Cat.

Been living in Japan for a while now, which doesn't help my Arashi obsession, but it's nice when I see an ad with Arashi in random places and it makes me smile.

As for writing, I just started my first fanfic at the beginning of 2009, "Love So Sweet". It turned into a monster though, with about 25 chapters (about 20 more than I thought there would be). If anyone could see the preliminary pages, they would fall on the floor laughing, or shake their head as Ji-chan did.

"The Alliance of the Storm" is a cool idea I had that also turned into a monster. Because of the level of detail I wanted to add to it, it just got longer and longer and... This is a bad habit of mine. But I've finally finished it!! Just gotta edit (which will take more time than I think it will) and post. Please enjoy the story as it's dear to me.

And then there's translating. It can be really frustrating sometimes (particularly when five excited voices are overlapping each other in videos), but I feel really happy when I can successfully complete something and share it with others. Plus, my Japanese is improving with each researched phrase or idiom.

Lastly, I've really enjoyed working on the lyrics for Arashi's songs. Someday I'll probably edit all of the ones I did ages ago to improve their quality and search for those pesky random errors. But I'm (mostly) satisfied with what I've done and I hope you all will like them too.

よろしくお願いします! =^.^=
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